Self-Portrait in Bourdoir
Self-Portrait in Bourdoir
encaustic and mixed media
3x2 feet

The eighteenth century boudoir.
For the kept woman that had to make due.
She demonstrated why she was worth money.
Wealth invested by her protector.
She made sure the conversation was sparkling.
Her manners was alluring and witty.
Cultured in a space devoted to luxury.
Committed to feminity and pleasure.
Veiling her body in seductive materials.
The chandelier and pink patin throw.
The padded headboard: hallmark of a fashionable boudoir.
She has to move, track and ensnare the male.
To prevent him from escaping, she keeps him perpetually excited.
Changes her shape and colours by every means, fair and foul.
A woman could put herself in an excellent position.
As the notorious courteseans had men bargain for them.
Women had men become theirs through their clever attitude.